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Monday, January 27, 2014

Apollo Nida Attacks Kenya Moore's Friend and Breaks His Ribs

Someone call the cops: Apollo started to attack Brandon as Phaedra Parks tried to pull him off
If you missed Sunday's episode of RHOA, it was fighting to a whole new level - and it wasn't the women either.

Apparently during a pajama party gone wrong, a first fight breaks out when Kenya Moore arrives to the party an hour late with a male friend, Brandon DeShazer.

Dark turn: Nene Leakes (left) threw a pajama party on Real Housewives Of Atlanta, but things turned violent after insults flew
Things seemed to go sour when the women were asked if they had a problem with their husband going to a strip club.

Some of the women responded in the negative, to which Cynthia Bailey's husband Peter Thomas replied, 'Well, then you guys are whack as f***k.'

Well, Phaedra Parks' husband, Apollo Nida - spoke about how much money he spends at the strip clubs.

'That's my money. I can spend my money. You spend your money on shoes,' he told NeNe, before turning to his wife. 'It ain't her money.'

'Where is Apollo getting $8,000 to blow at a strip club?' said Kenya.

Well, things start to go downhill  accusations start surfacing where Kenya claimed Natalie Williams and her husband Christopher had a 'common law' marriage.

'Yeah, I just wanna address you,' said Christopher told Kenya. 'I don't know what medication you're on …'
But wait: He then rips off his microphone and shirt as he stares angrily across the room

Kenya starts to move towards Natalie, but Christopher grabs her, causing Brandon to jump in the middle and shout, 'Do not put your hands on her.'

Peter and Apollo jump on Brandon, literally, and it appeared that Apollo was actually choking him.  After some blows were thrown, Kenya remarked, , 'Punks and little b****s attack women.' 

Apollo goes after Brandon again crew members restrained him.
Seems okay: After the fight, Apollo was seen being restrained by crew member and the cast as re-entered the room

In a preview for the following episode, Brandon claims his ribs were cracked following the attack.  

Kenya slammed the assault on Twitter, agreeing with a fan that Apollo was 'an idiot and a thug'. 

'Thank god ppl see the truth of who all these people are,' she tweeted on Sunday night following the episode. 

Well y'all, Apollo is on his way to jail, so he'll be out of the picture soon.  Just be patient.

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