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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

What Do Antioxidants Do? What Do Antioxidants Do to Protect Your Body and Immune System?

Let me show you just how your immune system can be protected by free radicals, which antioxidants are the best, and answerer the question what do antioxidants do for you.

First how do free radicals injure your muscles during exercise. Your muscles convert fat and sugar into energy through a process called oxidation. About 95% of this conversion does not produce many free radicals but the 5% used by your oxygen produces millions of super oxide free radicals, hydro peroxides and hydroxyl free radicals. This is what causes the damage to every muscle cell they contact and also causes the body to age. An excellent source to read on this subject is Oxy-radicals in Molecular Biology and Pathology by Gerutti A.

So what are antioxidants and what do antioxidants do to protect you from all this damage? Antioxidants are nutrients that protect your cells from this free radical damage. The more exercise you do and the older you are the more protection you need.

Here are some examples of antioxidants and what antioxidants do for you:
Co Q 10 is a powerful antioxidant which neutralizes some free radicals and it increases the efficiency of your energy cycle. Athletes usually use daily supplements of 30-60 mg. Because of a process called lipid peroxidation which is the pain and inflammation caused by hydroxy radicals reacting with fats inside your muscle cell membranes that cause them to go rancid, you need antioxidants.
What do antioxidants do inside your body?

Your body also fights against this oxidation with antioxidants such as catalase which neutralizes hydrogen peroxides, superoxide dismutase (SOD) which destroys superoxide radicals, and glutathione peroxidase which detoxify peroxides. Because your digestive system will destroy these first two if taken as oral supplements I do not recommend wasting your money on them. Even if they where able to survive digestion, the molecule can not fit through the cell membranes.

Other antioxidants and what they do to protect your body.
Glutathione is a major antioxidant you can take nutritionally to combat free radical attack.
Glutathione is produced in the body from cysteine and other amino acids and it is a great defender of muscles. You should take the supplemental form n-acetyl cysteine and the amount depends on the individual's biochemical individuality, size, age, the type, intensity, and frequency of exercise, and the levels of other antioxidants in your body. Always consult a professional practitioner before you decide on such a process.
You can also increase your body's protective amount with nutrient antioxidants, vitamin C, vitamin E, selenium and coenzyme Q 10 which was mentioned earlier.

Vitamin E is especially important because it absorbs free radicals inside the fatty membranes of your cells and vitamin C neutralizes the tocopheroxyl radicals that are produced and regenerates the vitamin E again to fight some more free radicals.

So you can see that having the right antioxidants in the amounts needed depends on a variety of factors including: Your exercise regimen, length, intensity, body fat, age, and size. The longer you train, the more intense the training, the higher your body fat, the older you are above 30, the more antioxidants you need.

It is also important to know that nutrition is based on the synergy of nutrients which means that nutrients operate only in your body by interacting with each other. Your body needs vitamins and co-factors, essential elements, essential fatty acids and amino acids in order to function properly.
Before starting any new program always consult your personalized physician.

You can also learn more about what antioxidants do by going to Antioxidants to get a Free Report! I've been involved with nutrition and optimum health for the past 20 years, but my real education came when I started to research reliable information on nutrition and optimum health from experts in this field.

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