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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

T.I. and Tank's Girl Getting It In - Tiny is Part of the Action Too...

T.I. Took Tank's Girlfriend
Tank may be a panty dropper to all of his fans, but his woman doesn't seem to be too impressed - or she's just another h*e because some say she's got the hots for T.I. and maybe, just maybe T.I. may have a little something for her.  

Here's the deal: T.I. ran into Kris Stephens over the weekend and whatever happened during their meet up - Stephens is now signed to Grand Hustle records....AND...she has packed up her shit and moved out of the apartment she once shared with Tank.

Now if you didn't know, T.I. and Tiny have an "open" relationship, so she has no problems with rumors that T.I. and his newly signed artist might have more than a working relationship, because sources say she's enjoying the threesomes.

To each his own, I guess....BUT what happens when T.I. gets tired of Kris.  You know he ain't going nowhere.

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