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Friday, December 27, 2013

Successful Freelance Writing - Do You Need A Plan?

One of the hallmarks of a successful freelance writer is the ability to constantly stay motivated to deliver superb work to their clients. There are of course many ways to get motivated, but one of the best ways is undoubtedly to network, and stay in touch with the writing industry trends.
It is important to join the newsletters of other successful freelance writers, read their blogs, and get access to their webinars. They frequently also produce white papers and other related information, so make it a point of visiting their forums, expos and conferences. Find out about book launches, as there are bound to be a few celebrated freelancers that are invited to these prestigious events.
Aspirant freelance writers must stay current with what is happening within their own individual businesses in particular and the writing industry in general. Most of the leading copywriters thrive on sharing their experiences by revealing how they have dealt with adversarial issues. Others tend to talk about their triumphs and take you on the journey that got them there.
The point is that all of the above examples are perfect platforms for knowledge sharing and at these intimate gatherings, some writers will let you in on secrets that you would never get from the main stream media at all. Astute freelance writers are normally very generous with some information, and the more successful they are within the writing world, the more they tend to divulge.
On a related matter, it might appear that self-confidence may not seem like one of the most obvious qualities for freelance writers to have. There are many people who do not understand why certain individuals would opt to build a career in a field where you constantly have to set personal schedules instead of just simply normal office job. Some of them mistakenly believe that freelance writing primarily involves sitting around at home in front of a laptop, whilst in reality it often involves putting in much more hours than what the average day job requires.
Self-discipline is another key attribute and you need to find the time to write, by consciously eliminating all the possible or looming external distractions. Freelancers need to treat the time spent writing in the same manner as the time that conventional workers spend whilst working in a corporate office environment. Become firm and say no to unimportant phone calls and when working from home, most definitely say no to children or any inconsiderate members of the family who blatantly disregard your writing work and deeming it as being insignificant.
There might however be other external distractions that are unique to your situation and environment, and for which special arrangements need to be made. This could include fetching minor children from school, or doing household chores. Any sensible writer working from home will most definitely make due provision for the above, via a well worked out daily and weekly work plan.
Realistic goal setting is what sets the successful freelance writers apart from their mediocre contemporaries. This is usually accompanied with a strategic plan or methodology by committing to writing say ten articles per month that can easily be transformed into chapters for an ebook. Setting realistic goals could also extend your writing experience by diversification into advertising copy, educational materials and even press releases or industrial handbooks.
Successful freelance writing methodologies are not only about knowledge and style, but also about structure and proper planning.
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