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Saturday, December 21, 2013

Steve Harvey Has Ex Wife Thrown in Jail for Christmas - See why?


Apparently published documents revealing child abuse claims against Steve Harvey.  The documents were from 2008 police records, where Steve allegedly "physically disciplined" his son.

Keep in mind that Steve was never prosecuted and he seems to have a great relationship with his son, so what was behind all of this mess?  THE EX - yes, Steve ex-wife allegedly sent the documents to MediaTakeout to publish, and of course, they did.

Now here's where it gets crazy, shortly after the report was published, Steve's ex was hauled off to jail.  That's right - jail.  And the judge plans on keeping her right through Christmas for contempt of court.

I guess the brilliant idea to throw shade on Steve backfired on her ass. 

Congrats to you Steve for giving your son one of those down home whoopins'  that's exactly what's missing in today's world.  parents are afraid to discipline, because they now call it "abuse."

If more of today's parents pulled out belts instead of staring at Facebook all day, maybe we wouldn't have so many teen convicts.

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