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Thursday, December 26, 2013

NFL player Andre Johnson Buys 17K Worth of Toys for Kids

Houston Texans receiver, once again brings cheer and toys to local children.
This is the 17th annual toy giveaway for Johnson, spending $17,352 for 12 kids and their siblings.  The kids were given 80 seconds to grab whatever their hearts desired from the store. 
You can see some of the spree in the video posted below. 
Johnson did the same thing last year, spending close to $19,000  for kids from Child Protective Services who were given a chance to get the toys they wanted for the holidays. 
This year's toy spree included a game system and two games along with the loot the kids were able to bring down from store shelves.
The 32-year-old explained the simple reason he does this in the video: "It's fun for the kids and it's fun for me. It's something I enjoy seeing every year, so I figure why not keep doing it?"
The kids were picked from the local CPS and taken to a nearby Toys R Us. One child said simply, "I think he's awesome."
Unfortunately, the Texans are having a rough year, securing just two wins to go along with their 11 losses, but Johnson, is a  MVP when it comes to the kids.

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