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Monday, December 23, 2013

Michael Jordan Robbed: Forced to Take Off His Gamma 11's and Autograph Them at Gunpoint


According to a witness, some random guy walks up to Jordan and says,  “Sign or die, n*gga.” 

The man forced Jordan to take his shoes off - at gunpoint y'all - made him sign the new Gamma ii's, and left the store.  Jordan was at a sneaker signing for release of the new sneaks at a Chicago sneaker boutique.

The NBA legend was obviously pissed as he stated in the police report,  “He asked what size I wear and then said come up off them, bruh. This little n*gga called me bruh, like we was family or something, but I ain’t never met that n*gga”. 

Wow - I guess I would be a little pissed too is someone made me take off my shoes, sign them, and walk away with them.  

The description doesn't help Chicago police much -  African American, about 5’6 with dreadlocks - since that describes many of our black youth today.  Jordan did state, “Hell it could of been Chief Keef for all I know, but luckily for Chicago he already in jail.”

These must be some magical sneakers or something...

So I have one question, where was his security? 

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