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Friday, December 27, 2013

Kanye West Being Sued for ‘Bound 2′ Sampling

Kayne has become known for sampling music from other artists, and normally these artists are compensated.  Well, this time, it appears West forgot to write a check.
Kanye is being hit with a lawsuit from Ricky Spicer, the 56-year-old “Plus One” of the fraternal Ohio soul group Ponderosa Twins Plus One, who recorded the source song “Bound” in 1971. Spicer was 12 when he wrote and recorded the song.
According to the New York Daily News (viaPitchfork), Spicer is demanding that West compensate him for the use of the song, or cease and desist from using his voice. “Mr. Spicer’s voice is sampled exactly as he recorded it and his voice … is heard several times,” said the suit, filed Monday in Manhattan Supreme Court.
The suit also names Kanye’s many labels, Roc-A-Fella, Island Def-Jam, Rhino Entertainment, and Universal Music Group, as defendants.
Listen to “Bound” and “Bound 2″ and see if he has a case:

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