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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Jermaine Dupri Pulled Over in Miami: Rapper Profiling or Just Cause

Jermaine was cruising around Miami Beach with his boys Sunday in the wee hours of the morning when cops pulled them over because of the illegal tints.
Upon approaching the vehicle, police smelled - guess what - "a strong odor of marijuana," which prompted what - a search.

Dupri, who was a passenger, and the others were searched but no marijuana was found.  What they did find was a plastic container with one Xanax pill.  Now this was in the pocket of one of the passengers and not Dupri's,, okay.

Now cops are suspicious and call in backup as well as K-9's to do a full search, but come up with nothing. Cops still itching to find something to get them on questioned the passenger about the pill and even had the guy go get the documentation that the prescription was valid.  Dude went home to get it and upon returning with the proof, everyone was allowed to leave the scene.
Following the incident, Dupri tweeted, "Somebody please call TMZ, five police cars just pulled us over."
Dupri states this is a clear case of "rapper profiling."  
Do you agree or do you think a car full of black guys riding around at 3 AM in Miami with limo tints on a Lincoln is cause for suspicion.  Oh yeah, they were smoking weed and driving, which I guess is the norm these days, but it is certainly cause to be stopped by the police and have the dogs called in.
Just my two cents.  Isn't Durpi a little too old for this shit anyway!

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