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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Is There Something Between LisaRaye and Co-Star, D.B. Woodside?

D.B. Woodside and LisaRaye

There has been some speculation about "Single Ladies" LisaRaye and Co-star D.B. Woodside.
The subject came up when LisaRaye stopped by "The Arsenio Hall Show."  While LisaRaye admitted the intimate scenes with Woodside were not hard (“D.B. Woodside, our chemistry is off the chain),” she does say it's all professional.
LisaRaye goes on to say, “We don’t even have to rehearse together, but there’s something about him. He just brings out the sexiness. You know, the cougar I guess.”
When asked whether she and Woodside have ever had a real life romance, LisaRaye had her answer ready for Hall. “It’s not reality,” she said “He’s the best actor I’ve ever done a love scene with.” all I gotta say.  You make the call.

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