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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

How To Make A Good Ending In 2013

Christmas can have many faces: there is a huge family gathering where grandparents and parents, aunts and uncles sit together and share their stories while the children are running around the Christmas tree, or the man in his mid-forties who sits at the dinner table at his parents' house with compressed lips, the conversation has faded away a while ago, and he is silently longing for being on some island with his girlfriend in the Caribbean Sea, or the single woman who lovingly prepares a dinner at home for her alone, and while she lights a candle she is full of hope that all will be different next year.
It does not matter how you celebrate Christmas or whether you celebrate it at all. Despite all the festivities, Christmas is also an important time of stillness to reflect about the year that has nearly passed by and give it a good closure. Take a rest and some deep breaths and write down your answers to the following questions. Find the diamonds and specials gifts that 2013 has given you:

What are you grateful for?
I am sure that there have happened many things in your life that you can be grateful for. Perhaps you were too busy and didn't have the time to notice them: Maybe it was a special success at work, the love of your partner, or the support of your friends, or your wonderful trip to Paris that you dreamt of since many years, perhaps you just had more time for yourself. It does not matter what it is, write down everything you feel thankful for.
What did you achieve this year?
I am expert in remembering everything that I did not achieve and I forget all that I have achieved. For a moment, focus on your successes and you will be surprised how many there are! Maybe you started a new hobby? Or you started your own business or have received a promotion? You just feel more confident? You learned to say "no" when you want to say no? I am sure that you have achieved a lot during this year. Write it all down and celebrate it. You deserve it!
What are you ready to let go of?
Life is impermanent, a continuous circle of change, and you have to let go of the old to allow the new to arrive. The more you are able to embrace the impermanence of life, the easier and more fluent your life will become. Which chapters in your life do you want to close now? Which relationships are stuck and don't allow you to grow further? Which negative beliefs about yourself are you willing to let go? Which emotions do you want to let go of? Write down all you are ready to let go of!
For me, it has been a wonderful year that had some stunning turns: My feline family received an unexpected new member that adds joy and playfulness, and I have written my first book. I have set a new direction for my life, and I spent a wonderful time in India to conduct workshops; I also saw for the first time in my life whales near Vancouver, two Humpback whales swimming together in perfect synchronicity and harmony. It was one of the most moving experience I had in my life. It was a year full of blessings I feel deeply thankful for.
Despite all the plans you have for Christmas, allow yourself a moment of stillness and give this year the great ending that it deserves. Now, tell me, how was your year?
I am relationship expert, systemic coach and author of the forthcoming book "A Brave True Story - A Transformational Memoir about Healing Family Ties and Relationships."
Download my free report "12 Secrets to Attract a Healthy Relationship" here.

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