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Saturday, December 28, 2013

Details of The Fatal Shooting Of Hustle Gang’s Doe B (VIDEO) - Was jealousy the motive?

Yesterday it was reported that Doe B (Glenn Thomas) as well as a young 21 year old girl, both victims of an overnight shooting at Centennial Hill Bar and Grill on Highland Avenue in Alabama.

Rapper Doe B and 21 year old Kim Johnson were the two fatalities in the shooting and six others were injured. Reports claim the shots fired were directed at the Hustle Gang member.
According to Revolt TV,  a source close to the rapper says he had a history with his assailant who grew jealous over his growing music career. The site reports:
In speaking with one of Doe B’s close associates, who requested he remain anonymous, Doe B had a history with the assailant. Though it’s unclear how long the two knew one another, in light of Doe B’s recent meteoric rise to fame, the shooter’s jealousy and envy for the budding MC grew, compounded by the love and admiration the late rapper got in his hometown. The assailant’s spiraling jealousy likely led to his seeking out Doe B at the Centennial on Friday night, before ending his life.  
Police arrived on the scene to find Johnson and Doe B both suffering gunshot wounds. While Johnson was pronounced dead at the scene, Thomas was taken to Baptist Medical Center South where he was later was pronounced dead.

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