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Monday, December 23, 2013

Did R. Kelly Pay His Child Support Arrears, Only to Prevent Bad Publicity

On Friday rumors were circulating that Andrea, Kelly's ex, contacted Project Child Support to push R. Kelly to pay the $114,000 he owed in back child support.  
R. Kelly quickly released a statement saying  it was a lie and he was all caught up with his child support. R. Kelly's rep said that he is  caught up, and where the story takes a twist is when Andrea’s reps agreed that Mr. Kelly was not delinquent in his payments (at that time).   Hmmm...

Now this whole story is seeming a little twisted.  Kai D. Patterson, President & CEO of Bounty Alert addressed his organization’s involvement in the Kellys’ child support case via an e-mail. released a statement:
“We were asked to provide Ms. Kelly our program at no upfront cost and told that Andrea Kelly had mismanaged her earnings she received from VH1′s hit reality series,Hollywood Exes,“  wrote Patterson. ”Although she did not meet the criteria for receiving our services at no upfront fee, we provided the program at no upfront cost as a courtesy to Andrea Kelly’s attorney, since her attorney represented Ms. Kelly could not afford the initial payment of $350.”
Bounty Alert alleges to have received documents and statements showing that R. Kelly was several months behind in child support payments at the time Ms. Kelly contracted the services of Project Child Support. PCS issued a press release days after R. Kelly released his latest album Black Panties claiming the group provided a report to Andrea Kelly’s attorneys showing the singer owed approximately $114,900 in unpaid child support.
According to Motta, Ms. Kelly's attorney, the statement was released after Motta & Motta informed Bounty Alert on November 18th that R. Kelly had paid off his child support debts.  Are you confused yet?
So here's my take on this:  R. Kelly owed Andrea $115,000 in back child support.  Andrea hired an attorney and sought the help of an organization to help collect the arrears.
Mr. Kelly, didn't want the bad publicity, so he quickly paid the money owed, and then denied ever owing it, in turn trying to make he ex look like she was not telling the truth.  
Regardless of who's telling the truth or not, a man who does not take care of his kids is really not a man, in my eyes.  It seems like a disease these days, and just like diseases they do not show prejudice to race, color, financial status, or gender.  Celebrities don't pay their child support just like anybody else that doesn't pay.  In the end, it's the kids who suffer.

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