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Saturday, December 21, 2013

Carpet Cleaning - Effective Stain Removal Techniques

Carpets are necessary in every home as part of the deco and to provide your feet with a soft and cushy rest. However, they are susceptible to dirt, especially if you have kids or pets. Food stains, ink and beverage spills are some of the most common stains on rugs and mats. Some stains are easy to get rid of while others require special products and cleaning techniques. If you have rugs in your home, it is wise to be aware of the available cleaning solutions and techniques. Most people are familiar with the steam cleaning method; however, there are many others that can come in handy to eliminate the different stains your carpet is exposed to.

Carpet absorbent technique
This method takes very little time. The process is also very simple; all you need to do is spray water directly onto the surface. The water should contain a cleaning detergent or an absorbent mixture; organic solvents are more preferable for better results. After this, vacuum clean to get rid of all soil particles. This method is also ideal because you use very little water hence the drying time is shorter.

The bonnet method
This is an effective dry cleaning technique. Water is used with a rotating or oscillating brush to dampen parts of the carpet. Alternatively, you can sprinkle water onto the rug. To get rid of excess water, use a pad which should be pressed gently on to the mat. Next, use the rotating brush to clean each section. This method is best for removing stains and is not very efficient for cleaning the entire carpet.

Shampoo method
There are two ways of using this method: the foam shampoo method and the wet shampoo method. The wet shampoo technique uses neutral shampoo on woolen rugs. Remember that shampoos that contain ammonia often leave foul smells on carpets, especially woolen ones. With the aerosol foam shampoo, sparingly spray on the rug and then clean it using a moistened sponge or brush. Once the carpet dries, you can vacuum it to get rid of all dirt particles.

Steam cleaning
Steam cleaning is the most common method used in many households. The first step in the process is to use a vacuum to get rid of all solid dust particles. The particles that cannot be removed by the vacuum cleaner are removed by spraying the rug with a hot water jet and some detergent. To completely eliminate the stains, you need to give the detergent time to react, say 5 to 10 minutes, depending on how dirty the carpet is. The hot water is then extracted with a vacuum fitted with a tank.

Leave the carpet to dry completely to avoid unpleasant odors. Thanks to technological advancements, you can now get extraction vacuums that increase the power of extraction while also reducing the time it takes for the rug to dry. Professional cleaning services are up to date with the latest technologies, and you can hire them for a thorough job.

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