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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Are You A Natural Attractor? Knowing How To Attract Your Desires

Are you a natural attractor? Did you ever meet people who just seem "lucky"? You know, people who always get the breaks in life? Things just always seem to work out for these people, but why not you?
You think, "I'm a good person, how come things never work out that way for me"?
While you might be correct in your assumption, there are some very specific ways to "attract" what it is you desire into your life.
When I was young, I had the natural ability to attract what I wanted into my life. I did this naturally and instinctively without even being aware I was doing it! I remember people would often say, "You're lucky" but I never really gave it much thought. If I wanted something, I just did a few things and boom, I got it!
What did I do to attract things into my life?
I'll give you an example of what I'm talking about. As a child (and to this day), I was a movie fanatic! I was obsessed with movies! When I was about 14 years old, a video disc system known as CED (Capacitance Electronic Disc) came out. At the time, VHS was out for just a few short years but I was blown away by this system! I just HAD to have it, but how?

Become obsessed!
I would often go to stores to look at this machine, touch it, feel it and just imagine it in my living room! Hey, I was 14 years old and had a LOT of time on my hands so I did this constantly! I honestly felt, in my gut, what it would be like to have this machine in my possession! I would think about it and talk about it to anyone that would listen!!
Does visualization really work?
Absolutely! That is a HUGE piece of the puzzle in attracting your desires. I remember taping up a pamphlet for this machine on my living room wall. My father thought I was crazy, but he let me do it (or the attractor energy was just too much for him to resist).
I would stare at this pamphlet every single day! I was a man (er, boy) on a mission and I just WOULD NOT STOP UNTIL I GOT IT!
Be determined!
I was SO determined to get this machine but didn't know HOW I would get it. My parents didn't have a lot of money let alone the kind of money to buy an expensive video disc player. Now here is the ironic part. I don't actually remember HOW I got the machine, only that I did get it. But is the "How" really important?
The "how" is really the least important aspect of manifesting your desires into your life, it's the "why" that is VITAL!
I recall MANY situations where I brought into my life what it was I desired and all following the same exact frame work. As an adult, I have read many books on manifesting and I was doing almost ALL the same things outlined by many (many) successful teachers, but was totally unaware of it!
It works, PERIOD!
Let me recap:
  • Become obsessed with what it is you desire!
  • Visualize: See it, feel it, touch it in your mind!
  • Be determined! Do NOT stop until you get it!
Trust me, if you do what I have outlined above, you will not fail! I talk from great experience because I have been extremely successful in attracting my desires into my life.
Just remember one very important thing. Be careful of what you wish for, because you just might get it. Those aren't empty words.
Good luck!
Darrin Bentley is a top-producing business professional with 20+ years' success in global finance, using financial expertise in delivering effective solutions.

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