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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Here's A Current Hot Topic: Stop Thinking the Wrong Things!

Creating a positive mindset and practicing positive thinking is a very hot topic these days and for very good reason. It can actually help you to be a happier person who doesn't let stress get to them as much as other people do.

If you've been a negative thinker for very long it can be hard to make yourself have more positive thoughts. And the key is, you have to make yourself do it. It doesn't magically happen simply because you want it to. It requires effort and persistence.

The most important thing you can do is to stop thinking about the wrong things.
If trying to have all of these positive thoughts is giving you fits, change your strategy and focus on not thinking about the wrong things.

What are the wrong things?
It can be any number of things. One of the worst culprits of negative thinking is politics and news. If you get wrapped up in those things and keep them on your mind most of the day, this can definitely be the wrong thing to think about.

You'll have a hard time creating more happiness and positive thoughts if you're focusing on this type of negative media.

Maybe you're one of those people who keep expecting everything to go wrong. You can't get your hopes up because you may be let down if something falls through.

Or maybe one little thing does go wrong and you feel like it's the end of the world even though it was a minor mishap.

One way to get out of this type of thinking is to make yourself think of positive outcomes, what if it goes right?

And even if everything doesn't magically start going right, is that the end of the world? And is it really worth getting so upset over?

People who have a positive attitude have just as many problems and mishaps as everyone else. It's in how they deal with these issues that sets them apart.

They decide what's really important and whether something is a major catastrophe. If it's anything less than major or life threatening, it simply isn't worth their time or effort to get upset over.

Watching television is another factor that can lead to thinking the wrong things.
Rarely is there ever any good wholesome programs available to watch. Much of the reality series are simply cut-throat methods to eliminate the competition. People get way too wrapped up in the drama of fake people or characters on television.

They allow this to bleed over into their own life and reality by seeing the public, as a whole, in the same manner of these drama shows.

You may not believe that these things affect the way you think, but they do. Over time it seeps into your subconscious mind and becomes part of your daily thinking process.

Comedy is a good stress reliever and can take your mind off your problems.
However, you still need to be aware that much of today's comedy can be destructive. Like a practical joke, some are harmless and a lot of fun. Some people can take these too far and either cause physical injury or hurt someone's feelings.

This is not how you want to relax or things that you want embedded into your mind, subconsciously or consciously.

Many great thinkers throughout time have stressed the importance of guarding your mind. This is more true today than it was in their time before the invention of TV. If you guard your mind and only allow good things into it, only good things can come out of it.

It's much like the old saying of you reap what you sow. The harvest you tend to is the harvest you will gather. If you plant weeds into your mind, you will harvest weeds. The more you feed negative thoughts, the stronger they become. In the same and opposite way, the more you feed positive thoughts the more you'll have.

Russell (Rusty) Hart is the founder of the Health, Fitness & Sport Club, an online network of websites devoted to the promotion of health, fitness and wellness. The sites encompass a wide variety of health and fitness activities including general health matters, pilates, yoga, crossfit, treadmill training, running, kettlebell, swimming, and more. Also covered are Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), Positive Thinking, the Law of Attraction and related topics. Those interested can visit the HF & S Club home site at and for a special offer

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