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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Vanessa Simmons' Pregnancy Sparks Controversy Over Having Kids Out of Wedlock

Yesterday Vanessa Simmons announced that she and her boyfriend, Mike Wayans (son of Damon Wayans) are having a  little girl.

"Our families are super excited.  Our baby is coming into two big families with lots of love and lots of joy.  This is my family's first grandchild, so everybody can't wait for her arrival," Vanessa says to Global Grind.

Uncle Russell expressed his joy and congrats to the two as the entire family can't wait welcomes a new addition to the Simmons/Wayans clans.

so happy for my niece Vanessa and her boyfriend, Mike. can't wait to meet her...

This news came with some comments from viewers on how Rev. Run felt about his daughter having a baby out of wedlock.  The comments ranged from "Isn't her father ashamed," to more positive remarks such as, "As long as the baby is healthy, that's all that matters," to "This is normal in the world we live in today."

While some people feel like, what's the big deal, she doesn't have to be married - with her father being a "Man of the Cloth," one has to wonder how does he feel?

My personal thoughts are what's done is done, and sure her parents would have loved to see their daughter get married and then start a family "traditional way" but I believe the focus should be on Vanessa having a happy pregnancy and the couple having a healthy baby.  The truth is, not many people are getting married and then having children.  That could be right or wrong, but nevertheless, it is what it is!

Do we focus on the fact that couples are having children out of wedlock or focus on them being good parents?  What do you think?

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