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Saturday, October 26, 2013

Facebook Activity Can Be A Psychological Indicator!

I am absolutely confident that many of us in this world have our own beliefs and lead our lives based upon those beliefs. Beliefs have a part to play in who we are in the mind and how we perceive things and that is why I'd say, most of us can read others' minds and typically act as a psychologist without being a pro at psychology.

Coming to the nucleus of this article, "Facebook has revolutionized people" cannot be an understatement. Having been part of Facebook for a long time, I have been able to pick up on a few psychological commodities that people show based on their involvement with your Facebook timeline, the way they respond to your chat initiations and their trait of liking your Facebook updates and so on.
Facebook likes are a serious giveaway on the impact you have on people - either good or bad.
Whenever you comment on someone's status update or a photo, if people 'Like' your comment and do not respond aptly, you do not mean a lot to them. On the other hand, if they make a comment that symbolizes banter or a more subtle expression then, you mean something to them and also gives you a clue on who they are as a person.

Looking into another dimension of 'Facebook Likes', when people LIKE you, they aren't hesitant to step out of their comfort zone and help you.

If a Facebook friend of your's 'Likes' most of your Facebook activity and what you post on Facebook, they are giving you clear signs that you have entered their head and you are actually someone whom they look up to. RESPECT!

On the contrary, if they come down on their level of involvement on your timeline, then they are probably indicating that you are no more amusing, they are looking elsewhere and all you mean to them is just another 'Facebook Friend'. That is why, when you start chats with them or try commenting on their wall, they wouldn't respond deliberately and might even go 'Offline' just because you initiated a chat with them. TIME TO IGNORE!

Yes, you cannot a tag a person based on their Facebook activity alone but then, if you are looking for signals and indicators on what you mean to a person, I certainly advocate looking into the above mentioned theory to decipher people's motives on a deeper note. And that is the primary reason why I said, "Everyone of us can be a psychologist in our own right"!

As a word of caution, before passing on a judgement over somebody, it's imperative that you are rightly confident and have enough clues to back your point. Just because a person is vague with their Facebook interactions involving you, you cannot judge them as someone they may not prove to be in real life. Be Diligent! By

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