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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Cee Lo Not Out of the Water Yet: Rape Case Dropped But Ecstasy Charges Pending

Cee Lo Green faces up to 4 years in jail after rape charges were dropped

Cee Lo Green may have gotten off the rape charge when Los Angeles prosecutors dropped the charges, but he could still face up to four years in jail if found guilty of slipping ecstasy in his dates drink a year ago.

Sources say Green left a voicemail for the woman referring to ecstasy, also known as "molly," but there are differences between the two.

Green’s attorney Blair Berk said that his client “will responsibly address” the charges on November 20th at a court hearing.

The charges stem from a woman accusing Green of rape back in July 2012.  According to the victim, she says she woke up naked in Green’s bed and later received a troubling phone from Cee Lo admitting he slipped ecstasy into her drink.

Earlier it was reported that Green may only be facing probation for the drug charge; however, that is only the charge for the possession of such an illegal substance. If he is found guilty, Green could be sentenced up to four years in jail.

With all the women giving it away, why soul Green feel the need to drug a woman to get some.  I know he's not the most attract man out there, but I'm sure there a plenty of women who would love to give it up willingly....SMH 

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