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Saturday, October 5, 2013

B'Baller DeMarcus Cousins To Donate $1 Mil to Local Charities

When the Sacramento Kings awarded a four-year $62 million contract extension to DeMarcus Cousins, there was some talk about whether this was a wise move.

But Cousins is making it known that he plans to do some good to those less fortunate than himself - I mean it's not every day that someone gets a $62 million dollar contract for four years of work right?

Well, Cousins revealed during a press conference that he plans to donate $1 million to local charities in the Sacramento area.

While it hasn't been released who will get the funds or how/when they will be distributed, I'm sure local charities will be anxiously awaiting the welcomed help.

Congrats to you, DeMarcus Cousins...

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