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Sunday, October 6, 2013

Basic Halloween Safety Tips

Halloween is so much fun and exciting because it's not like any other nights of the year. Staying safe should be a parents most important priority for the evening. Following a few Basic Halloween Safety Tips will help make your Halloween adventure a safe and memorable experience. Trick or treating Halloween night can be a challenge. Knowing the rules will help keep everyone safe! Here are a few simple to follow ways to keeping everyone safe.

Keep Costumes Both Creative and Safe
• All costumes and masks need to be clearly marked flame resistant.
• Make sure when selecting a costume, choose the right size to avoid trips and falls. Having the right fitting shoes will keep everyone from stumbling.
• When wearing a facial mask, make sure your children are able to see and breathe properly.
• Use facial paint and makeup when possible, will not obstruct a child's vision like a mask.
• Wearing reflective clothing and carrying a flashlight or glow stick will help others see your children at night.
• Bright costumes with light colors, stickers and reflective tape will help them to be seen by drivers.
Be Responsible When You Trick or Treat
• Trick or treating with a responsible adult, in pairs or a group of friend is the best way to secure safety.
• Young children under the age of 13 should always have Adult Supervision.
• Older mature children should travel with friends, carry a cell phone and check in periodically.
• Discussing your children's Halloween adventure is an important issue. Give them guidelines to where to go, when to call it a night and what to do if something goes wrong.
• Stay close to home.
• Avoid going to unfamiliar areas, shopping malls and schools have great activities on Halloween.
• Check to see if the pouch light is on, if it is not that is a sure sign the homeowners are not at home or not participants in the night activities.
Children Need To See And Be Seen
• Instruct your kids to watch out for cars and other types of traffic. Using crosswalks, traffic lights and looking both ways will help.
• Flashlights, glow in the dark necklaces, trick or treat candy glow bags and glow sticks work great in the night.
• Remember Halloween night kids are everywhere, swarming the neighborhood, walking and running all over the place, take your time and slow things down.
Check and Double Check Candy and Costumes
• When choosing Halloween makeup look for non-toxic designation.
• Discuss with your children to eat only treats that are in there original and unopened wrappers.
• Always check treats for tampering.
• Glow sticks are not healthy and should not be chewed on, discard if broken.

What Should Be Done Before Rewarding Yourself
Children and adults will want to dig in and enjoy the nights sweet rewards. Before eating your treats it is wise to check everything in your bags. Dump all the candy out and have a responsible adult look it over. Get rid of anything loose or unwrapped. This includes fresh fruit, it is hard to know what is clean and safe if it's not in a sealed wrapper. Following these Basic Halloween Safety Tips will help you and your loved ones enjoy an evening of safe holiday fun.

R.C. Spiessbach is an active advocate of physical fitness and believes in living a healthy lifestyle. We all should improve their quality of life through fitness and exercise.

Your Children's safety during the Holidays and Halloween is very important to everyone. Do the right thing and let them see and be seen! Learn more at Holiday Halloween Costumes

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