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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Relationships: It's Not Always the Man's Fault

When you first meet someone life is so wonderful. You go out and do things together, you are kind and considerate of each other's feelings, and you just love being the perfect pair. But what happens when the shiny newness of a relationship fades? What happens when your other side is revealed? Relationships, it's not always the man's fault, as many women portray it to be.
It might sound strange coming from a women's point of view, but let's face it ladies, we are not perfect. In fact, some of us are so emotionally scared and even traumatized from one or several bad relationships that our radar is set in high-mode and the fortress of our heart is sealed so tight that no one is getting in, I don't care what they do. 
Even when we slip and fall in love (I say slip and fall because in our minds we're not having it, but in our heart, it has already happened), the baggage from the past continues to keep a certain distance and blocks real love from being allowed to flourish.  For the entire article...

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