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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

African-American Women Think Before You Get Inked

It's no secret that tattoo's have take over the world of entertainment among celebrities, young and old. Celebs have their kids' faces, their partners names, their bands - anything you can think of, but we can't overlook the young adults, mainly young black women, who are intrigued and fascinated by this artwork, and follow suit by trying to imitate their favorite artist or actress. African-American women think before you get inked, because this is permanent, and will be with you for the rest of your life.

For the celeb who already has fame and fortune, who cares how many tattoos they get. After all, if they change their mind later on, they have the money to remove it or cover it up, which if you've ever watched any tattoo reality shows, you know it costs big bucks to do a cover up or have it removed with laser treatment.
The concern is not the young woman who wants a little star on the back of her neck, or a flower on her angle, but these young ladies, especially African-American women, who are no longer satisfied with the little tattoo in some inconspicuous place, but have to get inked all over their chests, the lower back, legs, arms, face etc. This is not art - this is destruction of the human body, and as most people can attest, many tattoos are regretted later on in life, but most people are stuck with them because they cannot afford to have them removed or covered.
To my young ladies who have their man's name across their chest in big bold letters, what happens when you apply for a job the interviewer cannot help but notice the huge imprint of your current, or sometimes ex's, stamped across your chest. Yes it might say to the world, "This is my man and I'm proud of it," but do you really think they want you to represent them in a corporate meeting or, let's say in front of big investors? Even working in a doctor's office, would a physician want you representing them at the front desk with a stamp on your chest. Think before you get inked.
What happens when you go to your child's school for a parent teacher conference and the teacher can't look you in the eye because she's embarrassed for you, by having a name or something else tatted on your face. Yes, it is embarrassing, but more importantly, is that fair to your child?
The worst is the young women who tie up the back of their shirts so the world can see the tattoo plastered across their lower backs. In case you didn't know, "Trap stamps," are what the world calls them - is that what you want to be associated with, and what are you really promoting?
Now don't get me wrong; there's no crime in expressing yourself - but is this expressing YOURSELF or is it simply an attention seeking tool for others to see? Let's face it, paw prints just above your breasts and wearing low cut blouses; is that for your self-satisfaction or someone else's attraction?
Is having your man's name plastered across your chest something for you or something for him? And what happens if you two break-up. It might be easy to cover up small initials on your arm, but it's very difficult to cover up 4-inch letters across your chest. And God help you if is he has a name like Christopher or Alexander...
For those who are saying, "I really don't care what people think about me," that's fine, and it's great that you have that who cares what people think attitude, but what happens when you get older and those paw prints on your chest start to go downhill, or that flower on your eyelid, starts drooping - have you thought about that? Can you imagine when those tattoos start moving south, as your body gets older and your skin starts to sag? Of course not, because it's not something that young adults think about, but you should.

Before you decide on getting your first tattoo, or additional permanent markings on your body, consider your future, your children, your ability to get a job, and just your overall personal appearance. While a cute little teddy bear is adorable, having your chest, face, and overall body covered in ink might keep you from doing the things you want to do in life, just because of your appearance. Yes, it is a form of discrimination; silent discrimination, but it does still exist, so why play into it? Think before you get inked and avoid problems of silent discrimination down the road.

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