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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Woman Slashes Boyfriend Multiple Times Over Text Message from Another Female

Police: Boyfriend knifed after argument over text photo

Cherie Buchanon, 27, of Ohio was not playing when she 
discovered a text message from another woman on her BF's 

According to police, Buchanon and her boyfriend argued over a 
message he received from another female.  Buchanon 
punched him in the face three times before going to get a pair of 
butcher knives and slashing the BF's hand and face.

William Hill, 34,  was able to get the knives from his GF and fled 
the house running almost a mile to his mother's home where she 
called 911.

Police say Hill suffered a severe laceration to his left hand and was transported to 
hospital for treatment.  Buchanon was booked into Montgomery County Jail.

Let's hope this relationship is a wrap, because my girl is craaaazy, for real.

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