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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Tami Roman - Does She Think She's the 'Ish - Then and Now

If you are a true Basketball Wives fan, you remember when Tami Roman first hit the scene.  Her weave was a mess, she had no manners, no filter, and was pretty much ghetto as hell.

Well now she has a hair line, and is pursuing a cosmetic line and doing the damn thing - but does she think she's better than everybody else?

I mean, her statement of, "I'm tired of meeting new people..."  Well, when they brought you in, you pretty much had nothing.   Your baller ex husband wasn't helping you, and if I remember correctly, you were on welfare to survive, at one point.

Tami has been around for a while and, I think, she has paid her dues, which is all the more reason why she shouldn't be acting the way she does.

Now I don't knock anybody for moving up in the world, it's always encouraged, but don't shut out everyone who's trying to do the same.  I mean how can you give advise to others that you don't apply to your own life and how can you put anyone else down who has not reached the level where you are in life?

Maybe Tami needs a dose of "I remember when.." - a reality check, so to speak.  I mean she has grown so much and sometimes seems to have let that guard down that made her so suspecting and mean to everyone, but underneath it all, she seems to think she's the cat's meow compared to everyone else on the show.

I don't know if it's me - and you will probably hate me for saying this but, give a "itch a real weave and some decent clothes and you can't tell her sh*t!

All I have to say is be careful on your way up Tami, these are the same people you will pass again, if you happen to crash and fall.

What do you think?

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