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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Sean Kingston: Out of Court Settlement on Gang Rape Charges

Last year, a woman claimed that Sean Kingston and two members of his entourage gang raped her, after she was invited back to their room for a meet and greet with Justin Beiber.

The woman in question is Carissa Capeloto, who stated she smoked marijuana and consumed between 7-10 shots of vodka before she was invited back to Sean's room where she was allegedly raped by Kingston, his bodyguard, and a band member. 

Kingston has proclaimed his innocence from the start, stating he opted for an out of court settlement because he was simply too busy to attend court for this bogus claim.

Apparently a trial date had been set for November and the victim was seeking $5 million.  Kingston settled with the alleged victim for a fraction of what she was asking for.

Kingston just wants to move on with his life with his upcoming album release and tour to look forward to. 

Looks to me like the evidence against them was pretty strong.  Yeah, Sean, that was the best thing to do - pay her off and make it disappear. Hmmm...

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