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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Mobile Phones for Kids

Phones for Kids - Blessing or Curse?
The 21st century has provided us with a whole lot of high tech development. Life without computers, cell phones or smartphones has become virtually impossible, as almost every one of us has become part of a huge digital network. Nearly every kind of information is available, and the possibilities of staying in touch with one's friends seem limitless.
So why should we exclude our kids from this new kind of freedom? Should parents give their children unlimited access to all the new technical devices or should it be strictly limited?
Why Kids Should Have Cell Phones
There are various good reasons for giving your kids a mobile phone. What most worried parents have in mind is that with an own mobile phone, children have the possibility of contacting their parents whenever they might need to do so - no matter whether they need to be picked up somewhere or if they might need their parents' help instantly. Especially if your child has to travel long ways to school or spends most of his or her free time outside of the house, an own mobile phone can provide both child and parents with a certain degree of security. If you are looking for an easy and uncomplicated way to ensure contact between you and your children, cell phones are definitely a good option.
Kids and Phones: Some Useful Advice
Modern cell phones offer a huge variety of different functions - from the most basic ones such as text messages and calls over internet access to voice mailing. Depending on the kids' age, parents should limit these functions from the beginning on. Online functions might be less important for e.g. a ten-year old child - here, you should only choose the most basic functions so that the parents can be contacted in case of an emergency.
Older children prefer a wider range of functions, like browsing the Internet or downloading music - which of course works best with one of the latest smartphones available on the market. Phone Plans for Kids are another helpful tool here. Taking into consideration that all these ultra-modern functions are not always necessary, but on the contrary often rather expensive, such phone plans are useful for parents who want to limit the monthly costs of cell phones for kids. Parents can set up so-called Prepaid Plans in which a certain amount of money is used to pay for text messages, calls and data use in advance. This provides you with full control over the cost of a phone, and in addition, it can help children to deal with their money in a more careful way if they are supposed to pay for their cell phone themselves.
With post-paid plans, a certain amount is due each month, with additional cost being debitted at the end of the month. These plans are less clear, because the costs of text messages and calls tend to be easily forgotten. That is why with such plans, there might be unpleasant surprises at the end of the month.
How Cell Phones Can Cause Trouble
Mobile Phones can help your kids to develop responsible ways of dealing with money and of communicating with their friends and family members, but supplying them with cell phones can be problematic in some ways. For example, most experts still claim that due to invisible, permanent radiation, cell phones are a health risk not only for adults, but especially for children. This is a risk parents should discuss with their children carefully - cell phones should not be used excessively to prevent potential health damage. And when it comes to cell phones in school, children have to learn to stick to the school rules by turning off their phones during the day.
No matter how parents decide - equipping children with phones require a lot of careful thinking and planning. If this is done correctly, cell phones can be valuable tools for developing their sense of responsibility.
Smartphones are everywhere - but how useful are Phones for Kids really? Read all about the possible dangers and advantages - it will help you to make the right decision for you and your children.

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