Early this morning around 2:30 AM, cops were called to a fight at a gas station in Atlanta.  
An off duty police offICER was at the same gas station and broke up the fit between Lil Scrappy and some random guy named, Kenny Rogers..
Scrappy says Rogers was the instigator, "He was calling my girlfriend names and then put his hands on me, so I had to lay them paws on him."
Well, there is another verision, which makes just a little more sense to me, and that is: Scrappy got into it with another Black man over old gambling debts and a stolen chain. In the video you can see a young Black male being restrained and cuffed while on the ground.
Scappy's lawyer says the video surveillance footage will show who started the fight and it wasn't his client, Darryl Richardson aka Lil Scrappy..
Scrappy was arrested for disorderly conduct and released around 4 AM, but this isn't the Scrappy's concern:  The bigger issue is PAROLE VIOLATION!
This dude couldn't stay out of trouble if his life depended on it.  WAIT A MINUTE, his life kinda does depend on it - well his FREEDOM that is!