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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Lawrence Taylor, Jr. Facing Statutory Rape, Molestation, and Sodomy Charges

Lawrence Taylor Jr., the son of NFL legend Lawrence Taylor, has been arrested on suspicion of rape in Georgia.

Is this kind of behavior hereditary, because Ex-NFL'er LT's son appears to be following in his daddy's footsteps, and I'm not talking about his football skills.

Apparently, LT Jr's mom posted bond for the 31 year old, Junior who was arrested in Powder Springs, GA  for child Molestation, statutory rape, and sodomy - WTH!

According to the warrant, a young 16 year old girl accused Taylor, Jr. of forcibly performing oral sex on her (legally referred to as "sodomy").  A second underage girl also accused him of having sex with her multiple times last year.

If convicted of either one of these charges, LTJ is looking at 25 to life. The statutory rape charge carries a sentence of 1 to 20 years alone.

If I remember correctly, his LT (the father) was charged with rape after having sex with an underage prostitute back in 2010.  He pled guilty to some miscellaneous BS charge patronizing a prostitute and sexual misconduct with no jail time - six  years probation.  LT (the father) was also ordered to register as a sex offender.

Maybe if they had made the daddy get help, the son wouldn't be having these same, all too similar issues.  Somebody call Dr. Phil, seriously!!

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