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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

How to Design a Small Space

Interior Design for small spaces
1. I'm often asked if it's OK to use color on the walls in a small space. Yes, though if you want your room to feel open, light and airy, use a white tone on the walls. This may seem boring, however there are many other things you can add into the room to make it look and feel amazing! If you want to play up the light and bright qualities of your small room, white will help maximize any light source, whether from a window or a lamp. Pay attention to the undertones (green, pink, yellow) in any color you decide to use to make sure they don't clash with other elements in the room, like the flooring. This is often what causes a room to look 'off' in terms of color.
2. Also, consider painting out architectural features, like the window trim, fireplace, bookcases, etc the same light color. This creates a canvas that your eye perceives as one continuous piece. The less your eye stops as it travels around the room, such as on a brick-colored fireplace or on a different trim color around the doors and windows, the more open and expansive the room will feel.
3. To allow your eye to travel around the room uninterrupted, also choose furniture that also allows your eye to continue to travel around the room. Chairs, sofas and ottomans with legs are good choices, as are pieces made of clear Lucite, which is very hot interior design trend for 2013. Your furniture doesn't necessarily have to be the same as your wall color, however, you can use the furniture and accessories as an opportunity to bring in a little color to add visual interest
4. Make sure the furniture you choose is scaled to the space. It's perfectly fine to have one larger piece to help anchor the room, however that doesn't necessarily mean a massive, floor-to-ceiling piece will work. When shopping for furniture for a small space, consider the scale of the other pieces in the room and work to create a balanced space in terms of visual weight.
5. Use your vertical wall space. One of the most overlooked areas in a small space is the wall space. In a small space, walls bring a great opportunity to provide storage and to continue to move the eye upward, further making the room feel larger and more expansive. Hang your window treatments closer to the ceiling to draw the eye upward or use a fabric with a vertical pattern, like a stripe, that helps move your eye up the wall.
Following these tips will help you create a cohesive, happy, well-designed small space. You home is what greets you each day and what you say goodnight before going to sleep. Take your time and above all, choose things you enjoy that have meaning and that will make you happy!
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