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Thursday, August 29, 2013

George Zimmerman Wants the State of Florida to Cover All of His Legal Fees

As if the "not guilty" verdict wasn't enough, George Zimmerman is now asking the State of Florida to cover his legal fees in the highly publicized Trayvon Martin case..
According to a spokesman, Zimmerman is looking to get $200,000 to $300,000 of his legal fees.
“That is a ballpark estimate,” the spokesman said. “It will be a few weeks before everything is all together and we’re in a position to file that motion.”
Zimmerman recapped the expenses he incurred during the trial to include expert witnesses, document fees, travel fees, and more.  Under Florida statute, Zimmerman does have the right to petition the state for repayment of his legal costs.
If you remember, George Zimmerman raised several hundred thousand dollars by creating a defense fund during the trial, but i guess that doesn't cover the bill, or he wants to be paid for getting away with murder (just my thoughts)..
Since the trial, Zimmerman has been quite busy:  Assisting in a family car accident, touring a gun factory that manufactured the weapon that killed Martin, and even getting pulled over for speeding in Texas.  
Do you think Zimmerman should get paid back monies spent for his defense?  You already know my answer, "Hell no."

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