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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Flo Rida Gets Served on Facebook for a No-Show - Took the Money and Ran (400k)

Tramar Dillard 'aka' Flo Rida got off without having to pay approximately $400,000 for missing the Australian Music Festival, even though he had been paid up front. Why? Well, apparently, the lawsuit was served on Facebook. That's right, the promotors of the show sued Flo Rida, VIP Entertainment and Concepts for breach of contract and damages totaling $377,000 US dollars - via Facebook. Judge Judith Gibson says, “The evidence did not establish, other than by mere assertion, that the Facebook page was in fact that of Flo Rida and did not prove that a posting on it was likely to come to his attention in a timely fashion.” After an initial ruling in the festival’s favor, the artist challenged the decision in the NSW Court of Appeals. And today (Aug. 20), the appeal was upheld. Boy, he sure got lucky on this one....But how wrong is that for him to get paid and not show up, and keep the money. I thought he was better than that.

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