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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Allen Iverson's Wife Wants Advance Child Support $1.2 Million

There has been speculation in the past of B-baller Allen Iverson being broke as hell, but is he really broke or just being a deadbeat dad?

During a very bitter divorce, Iverson was ordered to pay $8,000 a month in child support for their his five kids, which he has not paid.  Back in July, Iverson was ordered to pay $40,000 in back payments or go directly to jail - which he did cough up.

Iverson's ex says she's tired of going back and forth to court and dealing with this deadbeat.  She is asking the court to make him pay $1.2 million right now  - advance child support, so to speak.

The documents were filed on August 1st, requesting child support in advance through their youngest child's 18th birthday.  Tawanna (ex) wants to put the money in a trust for the children.  

No word yet on the ruling, but very creative on the ex's part.   

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