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Monday, June 17, 2013

Ludacris Caught in the Middle of a Fight at ATL Club

Luda was hosting a party at a nightclub in Atlanta Friday night when a big fight broke out. Despite reports that the rapper was struck in the head with a bottle, he seems to be laughing the whole thing off. According to claims from several news media outlets, a man cracked Ludacris over the head with an bottle of alcohol over money. Luda was making his rounds in the club when the altercation took place. Several people were seen exchanging blows and punches. Some reports place Ludacris in the center of the action with reports that he jumped into the ongoing fight. Allegedly, Luda or his girlfriend Eudoxie was hit with a bottle but the video doesn't that. See for yourself! The guy that started everything, was left in pretty bad shape - well deserved.

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