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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Deion Sanders $15,000 Dog Returned After A Year

deion and dog

Deion Sanders’ German shepherd, Yasko, which he tweeted is worth $15,000 (yeah, that's right), was returned to him recently by a kind Samaritan.
The football legend and journeyman, known to many by his nickname “Primetime,” played for a number of NFL teams. 
Despite his flamboyant persona, Sanders was missing his best friend, the 139 pound German Shepard, Yasko, for almost a year.  The dog is reportedly a trained and certified security dog, which Sanders mentioned in a tweet why the dog  has such value: “My dog is full bred GERMAN shepherd highly trained protection dog that will attack if my kids & family r in danger. That’s why he’s expensive.”
Sanders did not say in the tweets on how the dog was missing or who possibly took him.  It was reported that the dog was taken from Sanders’ own backyard around the time of his divorce with ex-wife Pilar Bigger.  Some wonder if Pilar had something to do this the doggy napping since he is security trained, and probably wouldn't go to just anybody. 
At this time, both Sanders and Yasko are happy to be reunited. Sanders tweeted that he almost cried when he saw him again.  How sweet.

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