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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Connecticut Town Proposing to Get Rid of a Park to Build "Affordable Housing" - SIGN THE PETITION

I'm asking everyone to sign my petition to keep and upgrade a nearby park in my town and find another place for affordable housing.  This is right at the end of my "quiet street" amongst long-time residents/homeowners.  It's not fair, especially when the town has so many other options.

As it is, the construction on the other side of the park is destroying the natural habitat and bringing out the deer, wild turkeys, and other animals.  I can't imagine what will happen if they decide to take more of their habitat away.

You should sign this petition if you believe a park should not be destroyed so housing can be built.   There are plenty of other places in Bloomfield CT to build without taking away one of the few places where new construction and destroying the natural land has not taken place.

We all know what affordable housing means - would you want it at the end of your street?  Please take a moment to sign the petition to save the park. Thanks, KB

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