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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Ciara Gets Served with Legal Papers During a Performance - But Tosses Them Right Back...The show must go on....

  1. Unimpressed: The 27-year-old looked at the legal papers before tossing them back into the audience

During a performance on Saturday, the 27-year-old R&B star was onstage headlining an LA Pride event when a woman served the singer legal papers in the middle of her performance.  Ciara didn't skip a beat as she tossed the papers right back at the woman and continued on with her performance.  .

'She got served,' said the woman to the camera after she left the paper lying on the stage. 

Ciara is being sued by West Hollywood club The Factory for allegedly not showing up to a performance scheduled for last Friday night.  Factory says Ciara had made it clear she couldn't 'perform' at the club due to her contractual obligation to the LA Pride event, but led them to believe making an 'appearance' would be fine. 

Allegedly, Ciara suddenly pulled out of her appearance on June 3, leaving the nightclub in the lurch, according to TMZ.
Ciara's reps told TMZ they informed the club she could not make it, but they still continued to promote her appearance.


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