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Friday, March 8, 2013

Chris Brown Disses Drake...Again...

Brown and a few friends went to The Emerson Theater, after a charity function in at Studio City, California, bowling alley Pinz.

When the house DJ played Drake's new single "Started From The Bottom," a source says Brown immediately requested a microphone.

"The DJ can play this s***, but I want you all to know…F*** Drake!" Brown said, addressing the club with his middle finger raised.

The crowd was divided: Some revelers on the dance floor joined him in flipping the finger, while others barked out asking him to drop the microphone and let the night resume.

Brown immediately burst into song, running through his hits like "Turn Up The Music" and "Beautiful People."

We can't knock him. Dominating the soundtrack is a creative and peaceful solution to dissing a fellow entertainer. Just ask Reggie Bush – the NFL player was in the house, and eventually jumped up beside Brown and acted as his hype man.

Brown and Drake have had issues since a nightclub altercation in June of 2012, allegedly over Brown's girlfriend Rihanna.

After his spontaneous performance, the 23-year-old, rocking a Miami Hurricanes hoodie, sipped Ace of Spades rosé and plenty of vodka.

This is getting a bit old...let it go y'all....

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