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Monday, January 21, 2013

Ne-Yo's Ex Hires Gloria Allred Because He Breached Their Agreement

Ne-Yo better hold on to his bank account because his ex, Jesseca White, has hired Gloria Allred to represent her as she sues the singer for mentioning their relationship on television.

Jesseca had a baby in 2009 and he thought the child was his at first but, in fact, it turned out it wasn't. Ne-Yo and his ex agreed to remove his name from the child’s birth certificate. The former lovers also settled the matter to the tune of $575,000, which he reportedly handed over to her; and they both agreed to keep the entire incident under lock and key, never to discuss it with anyone.

Well, Ne-Yo spoke on the situation when he appeared on a September edition of VH1’s “Behind the Music?”  Now Ms. White has several legal options to use against Ne-Yo.

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