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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Katt Williams Diagnosed with Bi-Polor Disease....

Katt Williams has had his share of troubles, and up until now, it has been attributed to speculated drug use.  I mean he talks about smoking weed and how he sits and stares at the fridge for hours...

Well, according to a report on NecoleBitchie, an alleged former member of Williams’ camp sent an anonymous letter revealing Katt is not on drugs, but was diagnosed with bi-polar and schizophrenia back in 2008.

The source, who wished to remain anonymous, said “Katt has outcasted everyone who cares about him for trying to help him.  He is NOT on drugs which is what the public thinks.  Katt was diagnosed Bi-Polar Schizophrenic back in 2008 after he did a two week stretch in the mental institution.” [sic]

His most recent offenses include: hitting a fan in the head with the microphone, getting arrested after starting a bar fight, slapping a Target employee and leading the police on a high speed chase while on a three-wheel motorcycle.

Clearly he needs help, but why isn’t he getting it? “There is NO ONE around him who will get him any help. Everyone with him is either just as crazy as he is, or milking him for his money because he spends frivolously when he is like this then blames other people for stealing after he semi-snaps back to reality!,” says the unknown source.

If this is true, would someone please get Katt some medication, treatment, counseling or something before he hurts someone and/or himself.

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