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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Type 2 Diabetes - Easy Ways to Help Diabetics Lose Weight!

People who have been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes usually hear the same repetitive banter all the time: lose weight. Lose weight. Lose weight. After awhile, this advice becomes so mundane it loses its significance, and many diabetics then abandon their efforts to lose their excess weight simply because they find it to be a little, if not a lot, overwhelming. But what if you could find several ways to easily lose weight without dramatically altering your lifestyle? Wouldn't that make it worth the effort?

Half your meal size. Portion control is one of the biggest problems associated with obesity. It isn't just the type of foods we eat, but the sheer volume of food we consume. Splitting a typical meal in half will still give you enough food without overdoing it. This is especially true if you are eating out where portion sizes are excessive.

Drink. Drink. Drink. No, we're not talking about alcohol: we are talking about water. We constantly hear about how important it is to drink plenty of water, but few of us really understand just how important consuming the right amount of water is, as it pertains to our health. That includes losing weight.

Eat fresh. Subway had the right idea when they adopted that slogan. If you focused on only choosing foods which were fresh, you couldn't help but lose weight.

Plus, eliminating all of the processed, refined and packaged chemicals, preservatives and additives from your food will make you feel amazing.

Allow yourself to splurge one day a week. Diets fail because they are too limiting. If we are denied the foods we love and enjoy, we are certain to want them even more. So, why not indulge once a week and get the impulse out of your system? That doesn't mean if cheesecake is your weakness you are free to devour an entire cheesecake all in one day. But having one slice under controlled conditions is fine and will relieve your cravings until the same time next week.

Cut the sugar. This isn't as plain and simple as you might think. Sugar is in almost every food you eat. But sugar is not always easily visible. Sugar is known by approximately 50 different names, making it extremely difficult and almost impossible to identify. Once you get accustomed to cutting out the sugar and replacing it with sugar substitutes, the weight will begin to melt away... even before you start exercising.
Type 2 diabetes is no longer a condition you must just live with. It need not slowly and inevitably get worse. Now is the time to take control of the disease... and take back your life.

For nearly 25 years Beverleigh Piepers has searched for and found a number of secrets to help you build a healthy body. The answer isn't in the endless volumes of available information but in yourself.

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