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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Man Killed at Creflo Dollar's Church During Bible Study


What is this world coming to, folks.  A man, now known to be an ex-employee at Creflo Dollar's megachurch, walks into a Bible study, but studying was not on his mind.

The shooting broke out around 10:30 a.m. Wednesday at World Changers Church International, led by televangelist Creflo Dollar. The victim was sent to the hospital in critical condition but later died, police said.

Police said Dollar was not there but about 20 to 25 people were gathered inside for a bible study during the shooting. Church members said a bible study is held every Wednesday in the chapel.

“He went in, walked in calmly, opened fire inside of the church and left as calmly as he came,” Fulton County police spokeswoman Kay Lester said during a news conference.

She identified 52-year-old Floyd Palmer as a suspect. He is believed to have left in a black Subuaru. Lester said Palmer is a former church employee who resigned in August for personal reasons.

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