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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Is Bow Wow Broke or Being a Deadbeat Dad?


I think it's just to evade responsibility, but Bow Wow this week, he told a child custody judge he was only pulling in $4,000 a month ... and then announced just hours later he was becoming the host of 106 & Park ... but we just found some documents that show creditors have been chasing him for 3 years over a car.

B.W. leased a 2005 Ferrari F430 back in 2008.  It didn't take long for the rapper to fall behind, because in February, 2009, the leasing company sued him and got a judgment for $216,084.75.

Since getting the judgment, the leasing company has been on the hunt for payment, using a collection agent to track down Bow Wow. 

Bow Wow never paid, and now with interest the judgment has swelled to $283,785.

Bow Wow told the custody judge he only had $1,500 in his bank account and leases a jeep. 

What do you think, is Bow Wow telling the truth or does he have his cash stashed to avoid paying big dollars in child support?

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