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Monday, October 22, 2012

Hoopz Spazzes on Shaq Calling Him a "Little D*ck N*gga"
Even though Shaq sent Hoopz packing last year, I guess the two made up because she showed her ass out in public, calling Shaq the most embarassing thing that a woman can say to a man, especially in public.

Here's what happened:

Shaq and Hoopz were trying to go into Orlando Metro Gymnastics, a popular gym that specializes in teaching woman's gymnastics in Orlando - where the couple live. (Hoopz wants to train for the Olympics - Ooookay)!

Well, when they found out that the gym only trains girls under 18, Hoopz got irate, yelling obscenities and acting the fool as the young girls looked on.

When Shaq pulled her out, she started spazzing on him with some serious name-calling.  She called him a "p*ssy," and some other names, but what took the cake was "Little d*ck n*gga."  Yes, she went there.

If it wasn't over before, it's sure over now, as Shaq confirms the two are done and Hoopz is no longer living with him.


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