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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Love & Hip Hop ATL: Rasheeda's Husband a Child Molester.....

Rahseeda Kirk Frost Love and Hip Hop
Rumor has it that Rasheeda‘s husband has a baby with the daughter of his ex-wife, and that he’s tried his best to push that dirt under the rug.

Here’s what I found out from HollywoodStreetKing:
“We’re told Frost did everything within his power to hide any trace of a child being born, after Frost’s sexual molestation of his now ex-wife’s daughter.”
Rasheeda wanted to leave Kirk but she a stupid broke dumb bitch.
For years Kirk has been known around town as a child molester–predator. Kirk slang dope back in the day but he was a minor playa.
He’s a sneaky slime ball.”
If this is true, Rasheeda may want to keep her eye on her own 11 year-old daughter! DAMN!!

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