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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Upcoming Episode of Love & Hip Hop ATL: Karli Redd Homeless After Benzino Kicked Her to the Curb

According to rumors, Karli Redd who claims she's 29, was living with entertainment mogul Ray Benzino is now homeless after Benzino puts her out in an upcoming episode of the show. 

A source with the show's filming team, tells MTO that Karli had no place to live besides Benzino's crib, for a portion of the filming of Love And Hip Hop: Atlanta.

And in an upcoming episode of the show, Bezino actually throws her out of his house. The insider then added

"Benzino had enough of Karli and he puts her out in the street along with all her stuff in the driveway and told her to go to a homeless shelter."
But the producers of the show gave Karli and advance on her paycheck.

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