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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Rasheeda and K. Michelle's Twitter Beef

K. Michelle & Rasheeda Twitter Beef Over Abuse Allegations
If you missed Monday night’s episode of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, the show ended where Rasheeda confronts K. Michelle about her alleging Memphitz used to beat her. Apparently, that conversation was the turning point in their friendship. The cast mates were going back and forth dissing each other.
As the story goes, K. Michelle was tweeting during the airing of Monday night’s Love & Hip Hop Atlanta episode.

She began taking shots at Rasheeda when the clip of the pair’s confrontation was shown as a preview for next week’s episode. K. Michelle began talking about people who straddle the fence instead of choosing sides and said Rasheeda wasn’t a boss of anything.
Rasheeda responded to K. Michelle’s subliminal tweets by taking some of her own. Rasheeda said K. Michelle had no self respect and that nobody in the industry has anything good to say about her. One of Rasheeda’s fans chimed in and added, “Maybe Jack Daniels just jealous as f**k….Fake b***h wannabe you…a PEACH. She a sour ass LEMON…lol”
The twitter beef died down after a while, but this certainly got fans hyped for the beatdown K. Michelle allegedly laid upon Rasheeda at the reunion show. We will have to tune in to see how this beef will play out.

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