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Friday, August 3, 2012

Guess Which Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Star Got Knocked The F*ck Out! just got some EXPLOSIVE News . . . according to a ROCK SOLID INSIDER who works behind the scenes at Love And Hip Hop Atlanta, paramedics were called to the New York studio - to revive RASHEEDA . . . who was knocked out during a fight with K Michelle.
What happened? Well K Michelle was on stage talking VERY RECKLESS towards Memphitz and his celebrity wife Toya Carter. According to K Michelle, Memphitz BEAT HER UP . . . and she is disappointed that Toya would marry "an abuser" - as K Michelle calls him.
Well Rasheeda, who is a very close friend of Toya and Memphitz, came to her gal pals defense. Rasheeda reportedly GOT IN K Michelle's face and the two started FIGHTING. But Rasheeda lost . . . BADLY.
According to's snitch, Rasheeda was "repeatedly punched" in the face while on the ground. And eventually "lost consciousness" before security was able to break it up. Paramedics were called and taping was delayed until Rasheeda regained full consciousness and was medically cleared to return on camera.
We're told that producers are DEBATING AMONGST THEMSELVES whether the full fight (and all the BRUTALITY) should be included in the reunion show . . . or whether it's TOO RATCHET for TV.
Y'all already know our vote . . . we WANNA SEE IT!!!

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