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Monday, August 20, 2012

Cassie Struts Around Topless on Diddy's Yacht - That's Confidence!

Cassie Topless On Diddy's Yacht
Paparazzi camera technology is…really startling sometimes.

Cassie‘s willingness to get completely topless aboard Diddy‘s yacht off the coast of Capri. There have to be dozens of butlers and servants bustling around, girl! Then again, we guess if we had a crazy nice body, one of the world’s top five richest rap artists as our boyfriend and access to a super yacht, we’d be a lot less prudish about our semi-nakedness too. Step aboard a super yacht and your top probably just drops right off. Luckily a glass of Moet, $100,000 in cash and a signed photo of Rick Ross suddenly appear in it’s place, so it’s not like you feel bad about it or anything.

Despite the fact they are currently (and probably always) enjoying half-nude vacays, Diddy and Cassie have never formerly acknowledged their relationship. That being said rumors of them dating have been swirling since at least 2008 and, oh right, she’s topless aboard his yacht. Man, how exactly does one get a gig as Diddy’s protege? It seems like a pretty sweet deal.

Do you think the members of Danity Kane looks at this photo with a mixture of rage and jealousy, or are they just glad they get to save on sunscreen? Maybe both?

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