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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Rapper Involved in Credit Card Scam and Headed to Jail!

Word on the streets is that Guerilla Black, gov't name CHARLES TONY WILLIAMSON (33), got arrested - for running an INTERNATIONAL CREDIT CARD SCAM.

Here is what is being reported:
According to the indictment, between January 11, 2011 and February 26, 2012, WILLIAMSON received and possessed at least 27,257 stolen credit card numbers, including cards issued by American Express, Visa, MasterCard and Discover. Loss figures are as yet incomplete, but close to $150,000 in fraud loss has been attributed to just 134 of the over 27,000 card numbers stolen.

The indictment alleges that WILLIAMSON communicated by email with two co-conspirators, telling them that he wanted to purchase “dumps” of stolen credit card numbers “in bulk,” that is lots of 100, 500 or more. WILLIAMSON indicated that he wanted “freshly” stolen numbers so they would be easier to use, since the customers would not yet know their information had been stolen. [Christopher ] Schroebel was arrested in November 2011, and has pleaded guilty and will be sentenced next month. [David Benjamin] Schrooten was arrested in Romania in March and was extradited to Western Washington last month.

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